One Year

one year ago today.

Miles carved this into a tree the day he asked me to be his girlfriend, that was one year ago today.

I will forever look back upon that day as one of my fondest & smartest to date.

We found a secret park, laid beneath the trees for hours.
He asked me to be his girl that day.

You see, I was as stubborn as it gets when it came to jumping into a relationship. I had just gone through such a hard ending of a previous relationship, and wanted more than anything the chance to finally choose the life I wanted. On my own. Ever since I had lived in Newport Beach I had been in serious relationships.  SO when beautiful Miles came along I was a bit difficult and made it clear to him that in NO way was this going to get serious.

I could tell Miles was not necessarily happy about this, but at the same time he was so respectful & understanding.

He never pushed, instead patiently waited for me to get myself all worked out.

climbing trees & being bashful

I have really never been happier & been more ‘myself’ than ever before. There is a simple reason as to why this is.. it is because we are perfect for each other. I know you’re thinking thats the lamest answer I could have said… but it really is the truth. We look at life with the same hope & excitement. We value adventure & freedom over anything else. We hope to travel all the days of our lives, we want to live in foreign countries, we want to help each other reach our goals, we believe in each other..  basically, we just want to fulfill each and everyday we are given to the max & always remember the important things in life.

A few weeks after meeting last year

Miles + I made a pack that we would always live by the feelings of our heart, and let life unfold on its own.

My life has unfolded this year more beautifully than I could have ever thought, planned or wished for.

I wake up every morning feeling so lucky to have such an adorable boy beside me.

Thank you for the most loving, spontaneous, adventurous, free & happy year of my life.

I love you to the moon and back.

Some Memorable moments together:

We sold everything we owned and hit the road last November!

Foggy San Francisco !

Foggy San Francisco !

Living in the van, Surf Contests

Living in the van, Surf Contests

Living in the van, Surf Contests

Staying on a boat in Sausalito!

Exploring Muir Woods in Northern California

Exploring Muir Woods in Northern California

Exploring Muir Woods in Northern California

Visiting Chico, (my parents) around Thanksgiving

The street I grew up on!

Snow trip in Tahoe!

Snow trip in Tahoe!

The Day we left for our two month Island adventure!

HELLO Bahamas!

our Bahamas home

Florida Transportation



Cruisin’ through the canals in Florida!


Celebrating my birthday!

Celebrating Miles’ Birthday!

I could sit and post photos ALL day long. We are photo taking people i suppose :)

Anyways hope you enjoyed my little memory lane. Miles is the best ever and as you can see this year we have had SOOOOO much fun.

Cheers to us baby, I love you & thank you for sharing this past year with me!

A night at a bar.. its a rare thing so of course we had to document it!

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2 responses to “One Year

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  2. So beautiful diana. I love this and I love you so much. Your happiness is easy to detect even from this far away. I can’t wait to meet this Miles fellow. He sounds like gem. You two are beautiful. xxx ps what a fun year you have had. So happy for you.

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