Free Solo

There is an extremely small percentage of people in this world that have the ability to do what Alex Honnold, the climber in this video, can.  He has so much control under immense pressure.  The video above shows this, he is free solo climbing which means he has no form of protection.  Meaning if he falls, he will die.  He is that confident in himself that he can climb some of the worlds hardest climbs that last multiple hours with nothing to save him.  The craziest part is not only does he rely on himself but also on the variables that can occur.  On occasion, holds on the rocks break off.  He could be putting all his weight on a hold and have it break causing him to fall to his death.  There are so many variables that can occur but he has to constantly keep those out of his mind if he is going to make it to safety.

I thought it was interesting to hear him talk about staying calm while climbing and that if his adrenaline is pumping something is wrong.  This reminded me a lot of my friend William Trubridge, who is a World Champion freediver.  William always says in order to dive to extreme depths he has to detach himself from the world and relax.  It’s always interesting to hear that a lot of times when we think adrenaline would be your friend it could actually be your worst enemy.  I personally believe it takes a special kind of person to survive the risks these people take, not only do they have to be physically fit but also mental equipped to survive the situations they put themselves in.  I love learning about the people who risk it all, they absolutely fascinate me.  Diana on the other hand thinks they are all absolutely insane.  To each their own…

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