Artist: Maverick Watson

Maverick Watson

photographer: Dani Padgett

I recently came across Maverick’s music and took advantage of the free, yes FREE Link with downloads that he has available!

I have been playing the songs on repeat since getting them. Maybe I am drawn to his music because of the lyrics he sings or the unique array of instruments he plays in his songs or maybe it’s the truthful feel his voice pours out as he sings the words he has written… I don’t really care to find the exact reasons of why I love his music, all that matters is that I do!

Maverick is an extremely talented artist living and performing in San Francisco, and I can’t wait for him to make his way down to play some shows in southern ca.. (I’ll be sure to let everyone know when he does!)

photo 8

photo 9

For more on Maverick Watson check out his Facebook bandpage and his instagram @maverckw

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