Dean’s Blue Hole

I can’t believe that in all of this time we have not shared some of the photos from our visits to Deans Blue Hole!

Deans Blue Hole is the deepest blue hole in the world! There are other holes that are larger in width, but none come close to the depths that Deans does.

Our friends Will & Brittany Trubridge live on the island, when they aren’t traveling, and Will happens to be the world record holder for multiple disciplines in the Free diving world. He is absolutely amazing at his sport and was kind enough to take Miles along with him on multiple dives.

I was absolutely fascinated by this massive, mystical natural wonder, however I was also terrified of just how massive and mystical it was! So while the boys dove to the depths, I stayed high above ground and photographed the beauty!



_DSC5499  _DSC5500











_DSC5382William and Brittany are both fascinating individuals and are such sources of inspiration

( I did a photo shoot with Brittany while on the island, to see more on that click! )

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3 responses to “Dean’s Blue Hole

  1. Beautiful shots of Dean’s Blue Hole Diana! I especially love the last picture.. still hoping to get a copy of it from you :) It was good to meet nice people like you and Miles and hope to see you guys again!

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