View from the top!

We recently celebrated our 2nd anniversary.. seems like so much longer.. but yes 2 wonderful years is what it has been! SO in honor of that we had ourselves a nice little getaway in Palm Springs, CA. It was such a great weekend and one of the things we did while there was the Palm Springs Tramway .. below are a few photos from the afternoon we spent up there! 100% recommend this to anyone and everyone who visits the desert!

What it is: The Palm Springs Tramway is the worlds largest tramway. Two tram cars travel back and forth, each one holding up to 80 people. They pass over five towers along the way and cross five distinct vegetation zones (the botanical equivalent of driving from Mexico to Canada)! Once you reach the top there are various trails and hikes that you can take throughout the San Jacinto Mountains. The desert floor on average is 100+ degrees and once passing though the different ecosystems you reach a nice climate that is on average 30 degrees cooler than the desert floor.. that right there is reason enough to get up that mountain and check it out.

I was a bit hesitant to take on this adventure since it was our ‘relaxing weekend getaway,’ but I am SOOOOO glad Miles continued to tell me about how cool it was going to be. I LOVED this part of the weekend.. it felt like we were back in Northern California exploring Muir Woods! (which is still one of my favorite things we have done together!)

view from bottomtrammiles looking outview from top2looking downsan jacintodiana6Diana1 diana3 view from topdiana4 diana7 miles1milestreehands
miles walkingstrong milestreesmilestree

Kind of a random bunch of photos, but as you can see the scenery is beautiful and we very much enjoyed the lush forest that overlooks the Coachella Valley!

lots of fun times since our one year anniversary .. I love you Miles & I love all the fun we have together! x

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