The finish of 2013

To end another wonderful year together we wanted to do something that was memorable & true to us.

So New Years eve day was spent driving the California Coast. We had left my family’s house a few days prior up in Chico, CA and made a stop in Santa Cruz. While there Miles surfed while I read & took photos and hung out. We stayed with our friend Chris, the funniest & friendliest person we met while we were living in SC two years ago. After a day & night in SC we left early the morning of New Years Eve and decided to take the longer drive home. For anyone who has ever driven HWY 1 will know exactly why we decided to do this. Our original plan was to rush back on I-5 to get in early enough to arrive in time to ring the new year in with our good friends. So while we kind of messed up that plan we ended up making a plan that could not have been more perfect for us.

2013 was filled with so many good times, however Miles found himself in the 9:00-6:00 working slump that we always wanted to avoid. With an hour & a half commute on both sides of a 9-6, it made the weeks absolutely unbearable.  ( it may have been his job but it massively affected both our lives)  So Miles decided he wasn’t going to live a life that he didn’t want to live. So he decided to put in his notice before the holidays & I could not be more proud of him:) Life is meant to be enjoyed. Enjoyment comes in all shapes and sizes so however that may look to each is different. It’s so easy to fall victim to settling, justifying and sticking with a job that is unsatisfying because you are fearful of what you are or what will happen without it. I love him for stepping out, being fearless & making a change.


—> Back to my original point… after a long year & a long family holiday visit (which was amazing.. sometimes I wish I could stay up north forever) We both just needed to have a day to finish the year that would suit us. One that would make our bones ache with happiness. So that is exactly what we did!  Driving along the California coast ends up taking longer than planned due to the countless “pull out zones” along the way..all of them are completely necessary. The views are so beautiful that if they didn’t have proper areas to park and get out I imagine accidents would be happening non stop. That part of the coast is just too beautiful not to look, admire and experience.

I picked some of our favorite photos to share. All our photo diary type posts are a blend of both Miles and I taking photos. We switch back & forth non stop so below are a mixture of those .. ENJOY!


Santa Cruz, California

SCwavecute housenew4SCpierSCcrashwave SCsunrise SCsunset

Salinas, California



Carmel, California


Big Sur, California

big sur1


new12 new7bigsur5bigsur4











 Pfeiffer Beach

(special treat: you will see horses in pastures on the drive down & purple sand on the beach)










beach walk

Pfeiffer State Park

Julia Pfeiffer Burns state park, big sur california


big sur julia pfeiffer state park


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